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Find Gay Men Online in a Fast-Paced Online Gay Chat Room

It's your time to shine. We promise to keep your information safe and will never post or share anything on your Facebook page.

Gay Chat Are you ready for one on one gay chat? GayCupid makes it so easy. I was furious she invaded my privacy and ended up telling her because she wanted to know what was in there. It's complicated Paul! Hope I am making sense and not rambling on.. At the same time, general supportive comments from the community are encouraged. If you have concerns around suicide or self-harm, please phone our support service on 22 Yes, that's my cat Maggie - she thinks she is a meerkat and stands like that on the doors on my balcony.

She's the source of many giggles. Just so I can make sure I understand - Your depression started when your first son was born, the depression feels like constant tiredness, lethargy, thoughts of death and dying, just existing, nothing is exciting anymore, it's dull, boring and monotonous. That's a whole lot of crap to carry around - most of us here on the beyond blue forums understand what it's like.

Its difficult and it feels like there is no solution. Luckily there are solutions and as we chatted about before - we'll find them. I usually talk about a multiple angle approach to dealing with depression and I think that's what we should look at. You mentioned thoughts of death and dying - they can be frightening.

I know when I have had them I am left wondering where the hell they came from. My little sister actually kicked my arse and said I needed to do something or she would fly to where I am and drag me. I think a better way of explaining that - which is one the many approaches for treating depression is to visit your GP or find a GP you haven't been to if you are concerned that they are the family GP and have a chat.

You don't need to explain your sexuality to them simply tell them how you are feeling. That's one of the multiple approaches where most of us go to start getting well. I really do urge you to consider a GP visit very soon. Thoughts of death and dying that accompany the other feelings you describe are never pleasant and I think you'll find some initial relief with a Dr.

The next approach which I think we should step through a bit slower is talking about the change in how you felt when your son was born. In talking about this you might feel some guilt or discomfort but please know from when we chatted a few months ago, I know you're a great dad, so nothing about that is in question.

Nothing at all! It's all about how you're feeling.

Visit, the Top Gay Chat for Singles Online

Let's make a pact. I won't judge anything you say but you're not allowed to either. There is a Beyond Blue help line that is available 24 hours a day. You are welcome and encouraged to use it if you need to and if you have thoughts of death or dying or anything like suicide, you must call the folks on that number, they WILL help. I'm not sure how this thread ended up in this section. I suppose because I mentioned death. I still think it should be where it was initially but never mind.

I do have a gp and am on an antidepressant but I don't think it is doing very much. I'm thinking of coming off it. Might try and find a new doctor as my current one keeps brushing me off. Having children is a huge change and I'm not sure I was ready for it. Given that I feel like I would be more suited to a same sex relationship I probably shouldn't have had kids.

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This could be very confusing for them down the track if I do eventually come out or end my marriage. But I love them dearly and still believe I can be s good father if they want me. Our moderators will move any posts that mention thoughts of death or suicide to this forum. It's an automatic safety thing.

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I reckon your suggestion of finding a GP who you feel more comfortable with is a great idea. Can you keep me updated with how that goes? I have absolutely no trouble telling people about myself, but I think it's like any type of friendship or relationship or mateship or even an interaction with a colleague - there will be people we are comfortable with and feel a rapport and those who we just don't. I've found an awesome GP and a great psychiatrist and they are phenomenally helpful. Having kids is a HUGE change! I was present at the birth of my nephew my sister's son and there for the first week.

The changes I observed in her and her husband were astounding, there's so much to learn and do and so much bloody sleep to miss out on! The thing was that my sis said even though she read books 4, of them she is a bloody bookworm I don't think anyone is really ready for kids. But as you say, you love them dearly and I know man dads who are gay who love their kids just the same as anyone else and the kids are amazing as well. Let's run a scenario - Imagine you ARE in a same sex relationship and you had kids by whatever means with your partner.

What would be different?

Can you step me through? I know this doesn't exactly address your situation but I think it might help to step through. The last paragraph you wrote conveys some pretty strong emotions - I really sense them and understand the upset. I'd like to talk more about the last paragraph next time we write after we walk through your walk through of the scenario I gave. Hi Paul. It has taken me a while to reply as the last few days have been pretty hectic. I understand what you are saying about why the post has ended up in this section. I am pretty old fashioned when it comes to families. I see a family as a mum, a dad and kids.

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I believe in kids having a man and a woman as their parents. That is how I was brought up and they are the values my family have instilled in me I guess. I don't have anything against same sex couples having kids but it just seems unfair on the kids to me.